Evasive Maneuvers – Lynn Michaels


Here’s the latest updates….

Coming soon – Lynn Michaels spotlight on Diverse Reader Blog – 8/13/16 – Watch for it!

Evasive Maneuvers is now available on multiple sites – buy links below….

On Amazon

On All Romance eBooks

On Smashwords

On B&N – Nook

On Kobo

On iBooks

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Summer Meyham

Lynn Michaels – Evasive Maneuvers

With the scheduled 7/16/16 release date for Evasive Maneuvers #LoveandLies, we’re planning some fun events, giveaways, and more.

Facebook Party here!

Check back often for more info.

7/3/16 – 11 am to 10 pm Lynn Michaels guest hosts for release party
R. Paone, Love is Found at Love is Found Release Party

7/4/16 Cover Reveal for Evasive Maneuvers on
Hosted at Diverse Reader Blog


Release day 7/16/16 Blog Tour info to follow…


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Release Blitz is ON…

Several blogs have blitzed for #Wanton… Here are all the links in one place.

I hope readers will go check them out for exclusive excerpts, interviews, giveaways and more… (yep, some reviews too!)

Check out the other posts on:

Elisa – My Reviews and Ramblings Blog          MM Book Escape Blog

Diverse Reader Blog       Devine Magazine       bayou book junkie

Inked Rainbow Reads      Sue Brown Stories    Love Bytes


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Wanton – Lynn Michaels

The big release is this week!

The party is Saturday on Facebook – sponsored and hosted by Community Library page with three special guest hosts

Event Invite – Release Day Party!

Guest Hosts:

Nicole Dennis – Facebook Page – Nicole Dennis

Christa Tomlinson – christatomlinson.com

Sara York – Facebook Page – Sara York


Pre-Order Now at:



Amazon Kindle

Print available now at:  Amazon – Paperback

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The Party is Coming…

The release party for Wanton by Lynn Michaels is coming April 16! For more details – go to the FaceBook Community Library page (link below) – LIKE the page and click on the pinned invite!  Love to see you there – for games/prizes, excerpts and fun!

Community Library Group


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Pre-order just went live on Amazon!

Wanton on Amazon

Wanton-CustomDesign-JayAheer2015-smallpreviewHere’s an excerpt:

Corey woke up curled against Jack, his nose cuddled in that warm spot where his arm met his back. The light hair tickled Corey’s nose. It was earlier than he normally woke and the room was still dark.

He kissed between his lover’s shoulder blades and rested his hand on Jack’s hip. The welts on his thighs stung and his ass ached inside and out. He shifted his hips in an effort to get comfortable, wanting to enjoy a few minutes of cuddling against Jack, but he didn’t want to wake him up with his tossing around. Finally, he propped his knee up on Jack’s thigh, and tried to relax into his pillow.

“You okay, baby?” Jack asked as he turned to face Corey.

Corey settled his knee back up on Jack’s leg after he turned. “No,” he whined. “These welts are stinging.”

“The viper bites, huh?” He wiggled his eyebrows at his little joke.

Corey buried his face in Jack’s chest. “Yes,” he muttered against Jack’s hot skin.

Jack’s hands ran over Corey’s shoulders then dove into his hair. Jack kissed his forehead and then sat up, leaving Corey to push himself back to his own pillow. “Lay on your back.” Jack snapped on the lamp on the side table.

“I can’t,” Corey groaned. His ass hurt too much.

“Why? Oh!”

Release day is 4/15 and Community Library is hosting a release party on 4/16  – here’s the links:

Release Party – 4/16

Community LIbrary

Guest Hosts will be Christa Tomlinson, Nicole Dennis, and Sara York!

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Why Indie?

Friends and family have often asked me – why indie? Why don’t I try to get published with a traditional publisher? That way I would have more help. Well… it is a complicated answer.

#1 Primarily I don’t want to let go of control. I want the final say on how my books look/feel. I created Rubicon Fiction so that I could have control over the work. That means I have to do my own marketing, but authors at traditional or even small press publishers still have to do their own marketing. They may have help, but that doesn’t mean their exempt, particularly with social media.  Yet, they have to answer to editors and people that decide what their book’s cover should look like or deep changes in plot and character to fit a particular mold. I don’t.

But, that’s not the only reason.  The other reason is because I can and it makes sense economically.  Check out the latest report from Author Earnings:

Author Earnings Statistics

isCAWQYH58 Indies are taking over. While hoping I can move to a small press some day – I don’t really have to. I can continue to publish my own work – Sherri Jordan-Asble and Lynn Michaels – and except to do well in the market.

Traditional publishers have been slow to figure this out. I get that they are trying to save brick and mortar stores, but the cost of that is going to be their authors that decide they can make more money on their own – and they can!

So, while the big boys try and figure all of this out and ignore their potentially fastest growing revenue stream, the indie authors will just keep doing what we do. It didn’t concern us initially to be competing against tradition, or we wouldn’t have done it.

The main new insight I’ve seen in this report indicates that although I’m on the right path, that maybe I should be taking a more serious look at the audible market. Hmm…


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