Conflicted from Katze Snow

Conflicted: A Novel by [Snow, Katze]

New Release Conflicted from Katze Snow is out now.


Gabriel Valentino is certain of one thing—he wants Caleb Matthews. He asks for so little. But when Caleb refuses an offer that could change his future, Gabriel’s patience wears thin. Unaccustomed to rejection and incensed at Caleb’s disobedience, he takes the matter into his own hands.

Everything has a price. For Caleb the price of rejection is freedom.

Imprisoned and alone with only his alluring captor for company, Caleb wants desperately to escape. But breaking free isn’t so simple. Awakened to a pleasure he’s never known, Caleb feels lost—conflicted. Can he escape? Or will the bonds of pleasure prove stronger than any lock and key?

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About Katze:

After leaving school and renting a crummy flat at sixteen, Katze Snow now lives in Scotland with her wolf-dog and kitty. When she’s not writing or listening to music, she works for a top-secret, underground organization, but sshhh, it’s a secret. She finally published her debut novel in 2016.

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Surprise Release



WARNING: Hot m/m romance and adventure with elemental mages and a world-twisting merlin.

Kelly O’Malley has twisted the universe into a world they can live in, and he wants nothing more than to live at peace with the love of his life, the ex-bounty hunter, Graham. The Elementals have other ideas about balancing the universe, and the Water-son, Wessex, still wants to rule over the others. Kelly must call on a team of his friends to figure it out.

“I’m already black and empty inside. You took everything from me. Now I’m taking it back!” -Wessex

Now on Amazon KU:

Configurations Buy Link

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I’m changing up the way we offer free short material by utilizing Instafreebie site.

Check out the first move. Overnight Stay by Lynn Michaels



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New Release…

Spring Fever Anthology from some of eXtasybooks top authors:

Charlie Richards, Catherine Lievens, Suede Delray, Liza KayDeja Blackand Lynn Michaels

Available NOW on eXtasybooks.


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Come see our interview with Author Lynn Michaels! Have a question you would like to ask her? Don’t miss this and you get your chance. Its fun, its exhilarating and it would be an interesting night!!

April 29 @ 6PM EST US

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Happy Easter from Lynn Michaels and RubiconWriting!

However you spend your Easter weekend, we hope you have fun and family. We wish you love and happiness.

Thank you for your continued support.


Lynn Michaels

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