The Party is Coming…

The release party for Wanton by Lynn Michaels is coming April 16! For more details – go to the FaceBook Community Library page (link below) – LIKE the page and click on the pinned invite!  Love to see you there – for games/prizes, excerpts and fun!

Community Library Group


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Pre-order just went live on Amazon!

Wanton on Amazon

Wanton-CustomDesign-JayAheer2015-smallpreviewHere’s an excerpt:

Corey woke up curled against Jack, his nose cuddled in that warm spot where his arm met his back. The light hair tickled Corey’s nose. It was earlier than he normally woke and the room was still dark.

He kissed between his lover’s shoulder blades and rested his hand on Jack’s hip. The welts on his thighs stung and his ass ached inside and out. He shifted his hips in an effort to get comfortable, wanting to enjoy a few minutes of cuddling against Jack, but he didn’t want to wake him up with his tossing around. Finally, he propped his knee up on Jack’s thigh, and tried to relax into his pillow.

“You okay, baby?” Jack asked as he turned to face Corey.

Corey settled his knee back up on Jack’s leg after he turned. “No,” he whined. “These welts are stinging.”

“The viper bites, huh?” He wiggled his eyebrows at his little joke.

Corey buried his face in Jack’s chest. “Yes,” he muttered against Jack’s hot skin.

Jack’s hands ran over Corey’s shoulders then dove into his hair. Jack kissed his forehead and then sat up, leaving Corey to push himself back to his own pillow. “Lay on your back.” Jack snapped on the lamp on the side table.

“I can’t,” Corey groaned. His ass hurt too much.

“Why? Oh!”

Release day is 4/15 and Community Library is hosting a release party on 4/16  – here’s the links:

Release Party – 4/16

Community LIbrary

Guest Hosts will be Christa Tomlinson, Nicole Dennis, and Sara York!

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Why Indie?

Friends and family have often asked me – why indie? Why don’t I try to get published with a traditional publisher? That way I would have more help. Well… it is a complicated answer.

#1 Primarily I don’t want to let go of control. I want the final say on how my books look/feel. I created Rubicon Fiction so that I could have control over the work. That means I have to do my own marketing, but authors at traditional or even small press publishers still have to do their own marketing. They may have help, but that doesn’t mean their exempt, particularly with social media.  Yet, they have to answer to editors and people that decide what their book’s cover should look like or deep changes in plot and character to fit a particular mold. I don’t.

But, that’s not the only reason.  The other reason is because I can and it makes sense economically.  Check out the latest report from Author Earnings:

Author Earnings Statistics

isCAWQYH58 Indies are taking over. While hoping I can move to a small press some day – I don’t really have to. I can continue to publish my own work – Sherri Jordan-Asble and Lynn Michaels – and except to do well in the market.

Traditional publishers have been slow to figure this out. I get that they are trying to save brick and mortar stores, but the cost of that is going to be their authors that decide they can make more money on their own – and they can!

So, while the big boys try and figure all of this out and ignore their potentially fastest growing revenue stream, the indie authors will just keep doing what we do. It didn’t concern us initially to be competing against tradition, or we wouldn’t have done it.

The main new insight I’ve seen in this report indicates that although I’m on the right path, that maybe I should be taking a more serious look at the audible market. Hmm…


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Lines on the Mirror – Available Now on Amazon – EXCERPT!!

Here’s an excerpt from Lines on the Mirror – now available on Amazon – by Lynn Michaels

Lines on the MIrror on Amazon


Chapter 6 – Reconnecting

When the phone rang, I almost dropped it, fumbling the damn cell in my fingers and finally tapping the screen. “Hello? Daltrey?” My voice sounded desperate and full of longing and hope. Could he hear that?

“Yeah. Martin? Marty?” Daltrey had been the only person ever to call me Marty and get away with it.

“Dal? You sound, uh, different.” Using our old nicknames felt surreal. Five years of longing collapsed into seconds. Images of our last moments together filled my head, bringing tears to my eyes again. My throat closed tight as I thought about how I stood in his driveway watching his mother’s car pull away. He looked back once and pushed his dark brown hair out of his eyes. I’d never seen such heartbreaking sadness on one face and I never wanted to see that desperation etched on there again.

His soft laughter brought me back to the present. “Well, you know, uh, it’s been, what, like five years?”

“Too long. I…” Could I tell him how much I’ve missed him? “You seem to be really doing great, Dal. I’m proud of you.” I swallowed down the emotion threatening to overtake me. Surely, this didn’t mean nearly as much to him as it did to me. He sounded confident, sure, and why shouldn’t he?

“Thanks,” he said, his voice soft, almost as high pitched as it used to be. Silence lingered for a moment, but before it could get awkward, he added, “So, um, like, what have you been up to? Five years? Wow!”

“I know. The usual. College. Programming degree.”

“Like your dad?” He was the only one who understood my relationship with my father, the only one that had a clue.

“Of course.” Without Daltrey there to help give me the strength I needed, I gave in easily to whatever Dad wanted. I didn’t have to tell him that. “It’s fine.” My voice was flat, anything but fine.

“Marty. I…” His words hung in the distorted air between us. When he spoke again, I was sure it wasn’t what he originally intended to say, and that hurt a little. We had always shared everything, but it had been too long and we didn’t even know each other anymore. “It was really good to hear from you. I, uh, never thought I would. You know?”

It was my turn to laugh, but my chuckle sounded forced. “Well, I met someone that knew of you through his mother.”

“Right, the Randall kid. I heard.” He laughed again and this time it sounded like cotton candy to a starving tongue. “This is, like, cool, right? I’m glad.”

“Me too. I’d like to—” I wanted to see him in person, to be able to touch his face, to hold him in my arms again, to push that stray hair out of his eyes, or just look at him. “I’d like to talk to you. More, I mean.”

“I’d like that too.”

Something eased in my chest. The panic I didn’t realize I’d been so close to backed off. Daltrey wasn’t going anywhere. We could talk and get to know each other again and play by our own rules for once. “I missed you, Dal.” The words slipped out before I’d realized what I said, but they were quiet and I wasn’t sure if he heard me.

“Ahh, Marty. I freakin’ missed you, too. I’m so-o-o glad you called.” He sounded glad, relieved even, but also hesitant. “Um, so, what was college like?”

After that we talked for hours. I told him about college and my parents and the black metal card my dad had slipped me after graduation and the crazy neighbors upstairs and my dick-boss at work. He’d heard of the company, Apex, and thought I’d made a good choice.

He told me about his art and how his mom took over the business side of things as soon as he started having success. She’d managed to get him with a great agent and he’d sold a lot of work overseas and now had a following in New York. He’d been in Boston over the weekend showing at a prominent gallery. He told me about his PA, Jenny, and how she’d squealed when he told her who I was. They were best friends.

Neither of us talked about relationships or who we might have been with. I didn’t bring it up because I didn’t want to know if he had a boyfriend or that he’d ever been with anyone but me, and I didn’t want him to know about my few anonymous bathroom sex guys I’d let fuck me over the years. I wanted us to be clean, to have a fresh start. Maybe he wanted that too, because he didn’t bring it up either.

Hours later, I knew I had to go. I really couldn’t afford to be late for work again. We said our goodbyes with promises to talk again later in the week.

I hung up reluctantly, then fell into bed and cried. I let out all the emotions that had been building as we spoke. I cried for the two boys that had been separated at the height of their love and what we could have been, and I cried for all that I wasn’t and probably would never live up to. I cried because Daltrey sounded lonely. I’d do anything to make him happy, keep him smiling like the golden memories I had of him. I cried because I probably couldn’t do that. I cried until I finally fell asleep.

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Pre-order and Paperback now available

Click image to pre-order on Amazon!


Martin has always done everything his parents ever asked, never making waves, but never learning how to say no either. Then his new partying neighbors introduce him to a different lifestyle that pushes his limits.

The only thing keeping him grounded is getting back in touch with his first love, Daltrey, who moved across the country when they were still teenagers. Now, he’s a successful artist and plays by his own rules. He wants Martin but won’t compromise his morals.

When Martin lets his new friends drag him down until he hits bottom, can he ever find his way back to Daltrey and take control of his life?

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Coming Soon…

LinesontheMirror-man50-pre-made-jayaheer2015-3DrenderWhat’s next on the Rubicon Fiction Horizon?

Lines on the Mirror – Lynn Michaels

This one should release around Thanksgiving, but we already have the book cover done – by the amazing Jay Aheer. So, we’ll share that here! Check back for more updates.  To hold you over, here’s a short excerpt:


“No. Don’t. Don’t move. I don’t care about the music.” I pulled him closer and held him tighter. Daltrey snuggled against my chest. His hands slid down my back to cup one ass cheek. I couldn’t get enough of how his skin rubbed against mine, chest to chest, and the friction of the hair on our legs as they danced together. My arms around him wished for an eternity there. I buried my nose in his hair, against his neck. Perfection.

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The Holeshot – hot excerpt

WARNING:  Tons of hot mm sex & romance, hot mechanics, and sexy dirt bike racers on Amazon now!

The Holeshot by Lynn Michaels


If you haven’t got it yet…. take a sneak peek (18+ only please):


Tyler curled up against Davey’s side feeling Davey’s hot skin pressed against his chest and thighs. They both wore boxer shorts and Davey had taken some pain meds, so Tyler was determined that nothing would happen. He didn’t want Tony overhearing them having sex. He nuzzled against Davey’s neck. “You need anything baby?” he whispered.
“Just you,” Davey answered, his words slurring just a tiny bit.
Tyler thought Davey sounded precious like that, a little tired and a little drugged. He chuckled softly. “Okay, baby.”
Tyler’s hand slid across Davey’s chest. He couldn’t help flicking one of Davey’s nipples. It caused a soft moan deep in Davey’s throat, so he did it again. Davey’s reaction made Tyler’s dick hard. His hand slid further down across the ridges of Davey’s well defined abs and he fingered through the soft hair that trailed from his belly button down into his boxers. His fingers followed, lingering around Davey’s waistband, tickling against his hip bone.
“Mmm. More, baby,” Davey quietly demanded, and Tyler couldn’t resist him.
Tyler leaned over and pulled Davey’s boxers down to the top of his thighs, exposing his dick. Davey’s hard length stretched up, demanding Tyler’s attention. He leaned forward and flicked his tongue across the purple helmet capping his lover’s cock. Davey pumped his hips up, silently begging for more.
“You have to be quiet, okay?” Tyler prompted.
Davey’s response was another hip pump and sexy moan.
Tyler took that as a sign that Davey wanted more. He pressed his tongue flat against Davey’s cock and rubbed it up and down along the length without sucking as it slid into his mouth. He loved the feel of Davey’s silky skin around his cock sliding across his tongue. He pulled off and put his tongue to work on Davey’s balls, lapping at them like a dog and poking them with the tip of his tongue. Davey squirmed above him. “Be still, Davey.”
“More, stop teasing,” Davey groaned.
Tyler laughed a little and then darted his tongue across his balls one last time before sucking Davey’s cock into his mouth. He pulled it in all the way until Davey’s head hit the back of his throat. Tyler squeezed Davey’s thigh with one hand and grabbed his balls with the other. He rolled them in his fingers as he bobbed his head up and down, sucking Davey’s cock, listening to the little sounds Davey made as he writhed beneath Tyler’s ministrations.
“I like it when you play nurse, Ty. Gonna get hurt more often.”
Tyler stopped sucking and pulled off looking up Davey’s chest. “You better not.”
“Okay. Do this more and I won’t,” he said, gently pushing Tyler’s head back down. He closed his eyes and pumped his hips. “Come on, baby.”
Tyler couldn’t help rolling his eyes. “Fine,” he huffed as if he were put out by having to do it, but he certainly wasn’t. He loved having Davey’s cock inside him whether it was in his mouth or his ass. Tyler went back to work, sucking up and down. It didn’t take long before Davey’s balls were pulling up tight and his cock swelled just a bit harder. Davey made a low growling noise and Tyler knew he was about to explode. He rolled Davey’s balls through his fingers and twirled his tongue around his head before sucking in one more time.
“Ahh,” Davey groaned as he shot his cum into Tyler’s mouth, his ass coming off the bed and pumping into Tyler’s mouth. His hands wound through Tyler’s hair, pulling a little, but not painfully.
Tyler sucked Davey as he swallowed everything Davey offered. When Davey fell back and let Tyler’s head go, he had a satisfied smirk on his face and gently closed eyes. He looked peaceful and sated. “Better?” Tyler asked.
“Come here.”
Tyler crawled back up Davey’s body, settling in beside him. It didn’t matter that he didn’t get off. Davey breathed steady and deep. He would be asleep quickly and that was enough for Tyler. He closed his eyes, cuddling against his man, his fiancé.

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