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Lynn Michaels lives and writes in Tampa, Florida where the sun is hot and the Sangria is cold. Lynn is the newest addition to Rubicon Fiction, and she loves reading and writing about hot men in love.  She writes paranormal and contemporary MM Romance.


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This Christmas…

Ready for some dirt?

hs quote 2

A fun fast Christmas read with dirt bikes, hot guys, and more…

Christmas isn’t all race tracks and dirt bikes for Davey and Tyler, especially when they don’t see things about each other in quite the same way.

A short Holeshot novella
18+ please.

This story officially takes place after the events of Holeshot 2; however, it can be read as a stand alone novella.

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Christmas in July..

Do you believe in Christmas miracles? Love at first sight? How about getting hit with Cupid’s arrow? Can it happen to you?

Ami is a cupid, behind on his quota. Bringing love to lonely humans is a satisfying career, until he starts to recognize just how lonely he is. It is Christmas time and he can no longer bring himself to do his job.

Paul is an up and coming musician with a happy soul. He has raw talent and the support of family and friends. Success is his for the taking. It’s Christmas time and life is good. Then a stranger comes into his life, and they are a match made in heaven, until Ami just disappears…

Will love bring a Christmas miracle when Ami, the failing cupid, meets Paul, the aspiring musician?


Ami didn’t stop trembling until Paul had him wrapped in his arms again and his lips pressed against Ami’s. Paul kissed him softly and ran hands through his messed hair. Nothing else existed in the universe except Paul.

“I had only one goal. Making my way back to you.” -Ami

“I want to get to know you more. All of you. Even those secret parts that you’re hiding and not supposed to tell me about.” – Paul

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19396750_1904813573126730_8032396250945421460_nA big thank you to Beaten Track Radio and Bike Book Review. The hosts Rebecca and Nigel were amazing! If you were able to listen, I hope you enjoyed it, but I know many missed it, so I’m going to just share a few highlights with you here.

First, my readers were wonderful and posted a record number of questions prior to the show. So, a huge thank you! Ya’ll rock so hard!!

Many of you asked about inspiration and how I write the stories. What’s my process? I think it’s fabulous that so many people are interested in how it all happens. I gather information from everywhere, really, and mash it all together in new and hopefully exciting ways. Those plot bunnies do run amok! I do my best to capture that information in a notebook (MS OneNote to be exact) and start building from there. I add characters and plot and twists and details until I have a long outline and I DO mean LONG. Then, I start writing. So, I’m very much a planner. However, my characters do argue with me and they get their way. Sometimes. Most of the time. Okay – all of the time.

I was also asked about how my family relates to me and my stories and whether they might find themselves inside one. I will say that my family has been extremely supportive of me and what I write. They’re proud of me, even though they probably don’t read my MM Romance stories, which is fine. Everyone has their own thing. I’m lucky to have such wonderful family members. As far as showing up in the book…well, a little bit of me and my life goes into every story, every character, every plot. It’s impossible to write without doing that because it’s who I am. So, a bit of me will be in every character, and some may have a bit of my family and friends. Things that have happened in my life or things I’ve seen and heard also show up. I think that makes it feel a bit more real.

Also of interest was my current WIP (work in progress) and what’s coming up. The next release is Time For Love and I already have an amazing cover for it! I’ll be working on the blurb later today. It’s started making the Beta-reader rounds, so I’m hoping to release by the end of the year. I’m currently writing a paranormal story now (I didn’t say that on the show, by the way) with demons and fun things! You can also expect to see the third Universe story, a third Holeshot novel, and a new Cupid story soon. I’m also working on a follow up story to Lines On The Mirror. So, I’m extremely busy…. and I like it that way.

There was also talk about book boyfriends and questions about what other things I read. I gave a shout out to Christa Tomlinson and her series that is fabulous. Here’s a link:

I also mentioned that I’d just finished Alexa Land’s latest from her Firsts and Forever series. So, I’ll link that here as well:

Finally, there was a question that was asked that didn’t really get answered. How did I get started in the MM genre? It’s a simple answer really. I always want to write what I read. I love this community. The other authors, the readers, the fans – of which I am one. I think it has been an inviting and welcoming group. This genre felt comfortable and right and I just love the stories and I just have to write my own and I’m so thrilled that I can share them with ya’ll and that ya’ll like them.

Thanks again for your continued support! And Stay Tuned for what’s next….


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The new 250SX racer to watch
Bryce Nickel

 By Jason Gibbons

Photo courtesy of

There are many up and coming racers starting in the 250SX series this year, but none with the attitude and skills to back it like the new TopSport racer, Bryce Nickel. The charismatic young man sat down to talk with MotoMags reporter, Jason Gibbons, about racing, bikes, and what makes him THE racer to watch.

JG (Jason Gibbons): Bryce, I’m happy you could be with us today. You’re off to a fast start on your career, so thanks for slowing it down for us.

BN (Bryce Nickel): I’m more than happy to be here. I’m thrilled. It’s obvious he’s thrilled, he’s practically bouncing in his seat through the entire interview.

 JG: Let’s start with some basic background information for new fans that may not know you yet. Where are you from and how did you start racing?  

 BN:  Right, I’m from South Carolina, born and raised. I, uh, I grew up riding dirt bikes, so I guess someone spotted my talent early on. I don’t remember ever not riding. My family, cousins and all, were into dirt bikes when I was little. It’s a typical story.

 JG: Not so typical is your rise to the top. It’s no easy feat to make it into the 250 Supercross division.

 BN: Is that a question?

 JG: Laughing. No, not really. But, your first few races have ended with you on the podium. You’re really talented. You have a great team and a great bike, but what else is it about you? What make Bryce Nickel the winner?

 BN:  Now he’s laughing. Oh well, the bike is everything, so TopSport and Susiki own that, but I just stay positive and I don’t ever give up. I psych myself up for every practice and every race.

 JG: How do you do that? What’s your routine?

 BN: As he answers this one, he gets more and more excited and animated. Music. I put my headphones in and let it take me to that corner of my mind where I just cannot be stopped. I love it. Right, like The Mighty Bosstones or Reel Big Fish, or Rancid. I love-love Rancid.

 JG: Well, it seems to be working!

 BN: If it stops working, maybe I’ll try something else.

 JG: Like most Supercross racers, you’re very young, just turned eighteen. Do you feel like you’ve given up your life, your childhood for racing? Do you regret that?

 BN: He bites his bottom lip. His blue eyes are sparkling intensly as he decides how to answer that question, one I had no idea would be so hard for him to answer.  Finally, he take a breath – decided. No. You see, uh, I think my life would have been worse had it been like a normal childhood.

 JG: How’s that?

 BN: I think I would have been bullied. I was home-schooled because of racing and I’m thankful for it. It gave me something outside of myself to focus on and kept me away from bullies. I mean, kids can be mean, and they will pick on people that are different. I’ve always been different.

 JG: He seems to be struggling with this, and I thought it would be a simple conversation. With his deep blue eyes and cute freckles, not to mention the purple striped hair, he looks like a typical teenager. You don’t seem different to me. What’s different?

 BN: Isn’t it obvious? No? Well, like kids are just mean. That’s all.

 JG: I don’t see anything obvious.

 BN:  Uh, well, like, you don’t really know me.

 JG:  You seem like a regular guy…

Bryce rolls his eyes but doesn’t seem like he’s going to say anything else about that subject, leaving us to speculate.

 JG: Well, you have the skills to back up your attitude. So, tell me about your bike and your team.

BN: Suddenly, he stills and a serious expression crosses his face, almost as if a switch has been flipped turning him instantly from a fun loving young man to a serious hard core racer, but no less excited.  My Susuki is a dream. I was on Yamaha before joining TopSports, and it was great, but the new bike is a better fit.The suspension is superior and makes it easy to handle. I can put it exactly where I want it on every lap. Reuben, my coach, he helps with that too. And more. I really have a super team. I work well with my mechanics, I’m learning a lot from them. So, it’s all coming together…

He finally runs out of steam, but it’s fun watching his expressive face as he talks. It’s easy to see how passionate he is for racing.

JG: I think we’re all impressed with what you’re doing on the track, and it’s inspiring to see someone as intense as you. Aside from racing and music, though, what do you do? Do you have any close friends in Supercross?

BN: His serious face again – he shrugs and looks around, and for the first time since we started the conversation, he’s not bouncing in his seat. No, uh, I don’t know. I guess, there’s like not much time for anything else. Right?

JG: Do you not want to discuss your private life, Byrce?

BN: Not particularly.

JG: Okay. Well, that’s really all the time we have anyway. Thank you for being here and we hope your ride only gets better from here, Bryce. Good luck.

 BN:  Thanks. I’m really loving this.

The conversation ends with Bryce smiling again. It’s obvious, to this journalist at least, that he’s a serious, yet private young man with boundless energy and enthusiasm for the sport.

Bryce Nickels, TopSports Racing Team, 250SX. We’re going to be seeing a lot more of this spit-fire on the podium through the rest of the season and the years to come.

Holeshot 2


In the world of Supercross, taking the holeshot means one racer leaps ahead of the crowd and into first, leaving the rest of the pack behind. Supercross racer, Tate Jordan, wants to take his holeshot on and off the track, but no one else seems to cooperate. His love life is in turmoil and his sponsors don’t expect him to win. Will Tate find someone new to love and a team that believes in him?

Pilot Mahan is a bodyguard and a street fighter looking to build a future, but his plans get derailed when a Supercross racer catches his eye. Can he make a go at a life with Tate Jordan, on the road?

Bryce Nickel is new to Supercross and adulthood. He’s young and fun, but super serious about what he wants. And what he wants is to win races and Tate Jordan. Will he be able to take his holeshot or will the big Apex bodyguard get in the way? Or perhaps, the three can make a compromise?

A super sexy MMM romance set in the Supercross industry – 18+ please


“What the hell’s this?” Pilot growled.
“Ha. A bike, you know what a bike is? Right, Pilot?”
“Okay, sass-mouth, who is the extra bike for? You don’t think I’m getting on that death-stick?”
Tate pushed the bike over to him. “Yes. You’re getting on this fine machine.” He added with a whisper, “Don’t talk about her that way. She might be touchy.”
Pilot shook his head, but grabbed the handle bars of the bike. “You’re crazy. You know that?”

“Ha! You love me, anyway.”


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Corey has gradWanton-CustomDesign-JayAheer2015-smallpreviewuated from college and is trying to find his way, but when his Dom/boyfriend, Jack, demands that he move in with him, Corey loses himself in emotion, fighting Jack every step of the way.

Jack is a rich owner of a real estate investment firm and he’s determined keep his submissive/boyfriend in line, even though Corey refuses to use his safe words.

Will their play become all consuming, or will they learn to trust each other enough to find love?



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