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Where restless wolves and excited shifters of all kinds expect to fall head over heels in love due to Spring Fever.

Spring Fever – where emotions and happiness come alive following the harsh winter to melt our hearts. The Spring Fever anthology features six shifter stories from some of eXtasy Books’ top authors, all encompassing awakening love and in many cases a little bit of Spring lust!

From Lynn Michaels:

Red Rut Run

The spring rut is happening, driving Donner to locate his mate, no matter the stakes.

Donner is a red deer shifter on a quest to find a mate quickly, but that may be easier said than done. Their kind is on the brink of extinction. His confidence rises when he hears rumors that there may be another red deer and a chance at saving their breed. The call of the spring rut drives him to follow the whispers and locate his mate.
Rory is a young red buck and may just be who Donner is searching for. First, though, they must outrun the pack of wolf shifters out to end them both.

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