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Between now and release day (8/23) for Bike Business, I’m running a Holeshot scavenger hunt!
To enter complete the form:

6 weeks to play

5 prizes to win!


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Finish Jump: A holeshot novella will be exclusively FREE when you pre-order Bike Business

Finish Jump follows Apex Racing’s latest Superstar, Rico, as his heart searches for its own Finish Jump.

It takes place between Holeshot Christmas and Bike Business.

You can claim it FREE with your pre-order of Bike Business here:

Speaking of Bike Business…
Did you see the cover?

Bike Business: A Holeshot Novel

By Lynn Michaels

Cover by: Jay Aheer

Photography by: Randy Rls Sewell

Model: Logan Weeks

Pre-Order on Amazon

Apex Racing is expanding and absorbing Pilot and his lovers. Everyone is happy with it…except Johnny. He’s feeling constantly left out and more alone than ever before. It’s time to seek out his own win, and find his holeshot even if its off the track and away from Pilot.

Gavin is determined to put together the hottest Supercross team, and he wants that to include Bryce Nickels, but that seems almost impossible since he signed with Apex. Perhaps, he needs a new angle, like the sexy business partner of the bodyguard, Johnny Killebrew. Maybe he’ll sign on more than he bargained for.

Everyone is chasing their own dreams, but Johnny isn’t sure he even has one.

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Don’t Forget…

Cover Reveal tomorrow, 7/7

Stop by tomorrow to check out the newest Holeshot cover.

In the Facebook readers’ group:

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